One Mind's Maelstrom

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28 April 1980
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This pointless dance of rendering myself into a thousand words or less cannot to justice to the extreme chaos I am.

I ramble and fail to punctuate because all the great authors did it. And if it is good enough for cannon, it is good enough for me.

It's been almost six years I guess I should update this.


" 'Do you want to know what I really think? I think life is a work of art -- a beautiful tragedy. If it weren't so beautiful, the tragedy wouldn't be so gripping. Because it's beautiful, I smile. What you can take smiling, Adam, becomes more beautiful -- and more tragic. ... We are here, it seems, to hurt each other, though we don't mean to. ... I may wound you some day, and you may break my heart -- yet we are not bad people, and the world will not be better than it is now.' " ~Adam and Eve, though he knew better, by John Erskine